Hi all, need a bit of help choosing an electric bike in the $1,000 to $1,300 range for...

... mountainous/hilly terrain. I am in the "foothills", where inclines and moderate hills are super common.

Some things that I really need are:

  • A powerful battery, as I would like to use the throttle (not just pedal assist) probably a bit more than the average cyclist, and I would like to have a decent amount of power behind it. (Hills, and I'm lazy)
  • I would strongly prefer to be able to order it from Amazon.
  • No more than $1,300.
  • A reliable and strong braking system (Again, hills)
  • Preferably, a decently long lasting battery.

Thank you all so much. I know I haven't provided all that much information, so feel free to ask me anything at all.

Thanks, much, again!
@madrasvegetables , if you want hill climbing ability you may need to spend a little more or invest in a conversion kit for a bike you already have. Perhaps explore a discounted previous year model where prices are a little lower. Just curious, why Amazon?
another advantage of buying a demo is the bike is complete and shipped intact.

Zuma is a very nice bike, it was on my short list when I bought my first bike. Bought a used (4 mo) Stromer for less than 1/2 price instead. Nicest Izip I've seen and bigger motor than Path (or used to be). Also the mid mount of the battery is much better for handling than over the rear tire.
Thank you both so much for the info, by the way!

One thing I just noticed... the demo bike page just like, completely changed. So the Zuma is no longer available I guess? Which of these bikes out of the new list of demo bikes would ya'll recommend? Or am I missing something?
In between the "IZIP E3 Vibe" and the "Easy Motion Evo 27.5 Jumper", which one would you guys recommend? Seems like the Jumper would be significantly better, yeah?

EDIT: Also, I watched a video review of this bike, and it was mentioned that the bike comes in two sizes... is there anyone here that could possibly be able to tell from the picture or description which size the Easy Motion Jumper is, medium or large?

I am ~5 foot 10 inches, and 135 pounds, would the size of this bike and the location/angle of the handlebars be a good fit for me? And are they like a roadbike- like, I am leaning really far forward when riding?

\Thanks again!
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I don't know enough about either bike to give a good recommendation on either. You would be better served by other community members with much more knowledge than I in regards to those two bikes.
I'm sorry, but I have one more question: I watched the video review for the IZIP E3 Vibe Plus, and towards the end of the video he mentions an "upgrade" called a "boost button ring" . . . does this mean that without the "boost button ring" you cannot just twist the throttle and go? As in, you have to pedal this one no matter what, at all times? Can you buy the "boost button ring" separately?

EDIT: If so - how hard would one have to pedal to ascend a decently steep hill?
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The prices on the Vibe are VERY low. New model. Not sure if it was a success. I'm not sure what the deal is. It's a very basic bike. The Jumper is a nicer bike, but more money.

The Vibe has some kind of boost button throttle, not a twist throttle. Twist throttles end up on certain bikes, and most DIY bikes. A lot of people try to discourage throttles, but a lot of people, inc myself, like them. If you want one, make sure the bike has one.
There are mulitple power level settings. From Eco to Turbo (or similar) with more assist as you go up. On high power settings most hills are leveled right out. You will be very impressed and no don't need a throttle. I never use one.
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The Vibe is an old model dressed up with a different style frame and motor and has always been intended to be an intro level bike from IZip. It looks to be better than the original version with more power.
Folks, references to Sale Items in specific shops is limited to the For Sale by Dealer area and are to be posted by the Dealer only. Other references will be considered spam and deleted. There are a lot of independent dealers and other online places that can help madrasvegetables.
Not at all @madrasvegetables; Court rode one of the Emotion bikes for over a year and he's about the same build. Excellent choice; the Jumper has nice balance and good components.
Not at all @madrasvegetables; Court rode one of the Emotion bikes for over a year and he's about the same build. Excellent choice; the Jumper has nice balance and good components.

Awesome, that is so good to hear, because it is on the way! ha ha. Ya'll have been awesome and very informative, I will try to remember to come back here and update once I get the bike. Thanks again, very much!