Help Voilamart rig has gone Kaput


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Hi Everyone,

Bit of a cry for help. I’m hoping there’s someone with the technical know-how to help me out.
6 months ago, I installed a Voilamart 1000w rear hub setup on my mountain bike.
For the past 6 months it's been the beast I expected & worked perfectly.

Anyway, last week, I powered it up and nothing happened when I twisted the throttle. No errors on the led display, battery fully charged, no changes at all. Throttle u and the watts go up as usual (1020) All I get is click from the motor and the rear wheel locks up for a few seconds the power cuts off and the wheel is free spinning. Release the throttle and repeat, same thing. Pedal the wheel and engage the throttle and the wheel locks up, release throttle, free spinning again. I’m Stumped?? Any Ideas?? Help would be very much appreciated.


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