Hello from Minnesota!


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Saint Louis Park
Hello fellow bicycle and E-Bike enthusiasts! My name is Cody, I work for PowerBikes.com here in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Our humble shop specializes in the sales and repairs of awesome brands such as Magnum, iGo, Riese and Muller, Bulls, GoCycle, E-Lux and Emojo. My background in E-Bikes is quite extensive with nearly 10 years in the profession; excluding standard bicycle work when I was a young teenager. I'm Level 1-4 Leva certified, in process of a Boch certification, extremely familiar with all things Bafang; worked with production management and engineers in the field as a lead electrician for diagnosing issues, resolving issues, and improving on products in general. I am not a salesman so fear not, I will not try to sell you on anything. I am here to give an honest and objective opinion based on my background.

If you have any questions, would like to talk, or have any service or diagnosing issues. Please reach out to me here on ElectricBikeReview, email me at [email protected], or give our shop a call at 952-224-0897.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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