Has anyone bought from Anywherebikes?


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I’m looking at buying my first e-bike and have been doing some preliminary online research. My sister sent me a text with a link to this company and their Transformer foldable fat tire model seems to fit my needs but I joined this forum hoping to find some reviews. I can’t find anything at all. And that surprised me. I also haven’t been able to find anything on YouTube reviewing their non-trike models.

does anyone here want to comment? Anyone have any dealings with them? I will say that when I posted a few questions they were very quick to respond with all the answers I asked for.

Well they just look like the generic folding bike. but the price seems really high for what your getting. it just looks like a new company that you never know will still be around the weight seems light too. I doubt its any better then an lectric bike but it costs more. https://lectricebikes.com/collections/ebikes/products/xp-step-thru-white much better deal and you can have two batteries for less then the bike you brought up.
Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve spent the evening checking it out, watching review videos and am impressed. I’m probably leaning towards this.
I bought the lecrtic e-bike today. Thanks again for the recommendation.
And not 12 hours after I bought it, I received an email from them that they were announcing a per-release ordering date for their new folding Trike! So i got on the phone and cancelled my order. I'll wait and order that one. Folding Trike for the win.