Group Buys?

Anyone ever considered doing group buys? Many forums reach out to suppliers to arrange group buys to get volume discounts.

I always loved participating in group buys on other forums. It's very similar to crowd funding campaigns, however there is no middle man to possibly scam you. All money would be collected by the supplier and direct shipped to each participating member.

I think it would be a great way for some of the smaller established manufacturers peak interest and save people some money at the same time. While this is not for everyone, as there is a great benefit to buying from a LBS, many don't have nearby.

Not sure if it would work or be acceptable on here, but Just thought I would mention it as an idea. Of course this would require someone to reach out to suppliers. There are also some suppliers who are members that may have some ideas.

This may work better for the DIY products, but I could see a value e-bike group buy also.

Feel free to flame this idea o_O Just brainstorming :cool: