Grin Satiator Factory Reset?


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I bought a Grin Satiator years ago during a big sale. I'm just now starting to use it. I edited a pre-canned profile and now decided I want it back. I can manually restore the settings, but it's lost the precanned profile's name. Is there any way to perform a Factory Reset on it to remove all my editing?

I was thinking of updating the firmware. Would that do the trick? Is updating the firmware advisible?
I hesitate to ask what a Grin Satiator does on an ebike.
It's a programmable battery charger. It's weatherproof and can be mounted on a bike if desired:

So, I decided to try the Satiator software, which runs on PC/Mac to see about the firmware update. Turns out what I have is still the latest, but I was able to edit the name and parameters, create new profiles, etc. and so I now have 4 profiles for our bikes:
1) Slow Charge to 85%
2) Fast Charge to 90%
3) Fast Charge to 98%
4) Fast Charge to 100%

The idea is I run the Slow charge overnight, then Fast Charge in the morning of the ride to whatever level I want, which is based on how far I think I'm going to ride. Not sure the 98% is any better for battery life than 100%, but couldn't hurt.
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