Great News : Freway Buffalo will be available soon!

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Freway eBike

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Hi, guys.

Now some of you might know Freway from the campaign we raised on Kickstarter last year, and some of you might have purchased our first generation electric bike VR-01 from Amazon. We thank you for your continuous support to us :)

We've received many feedback from our customers, most of which are complaining about VR-o1 is underpowered. However , this time, with a year of modification and several readjustment and improvement we've managed to build a brand new Freway new generation eBike —— Buffalo.


I suppose some of you might haven seen this bike from last year CES or the InterBike Expo in Las Vegas in September.

Well Buffalo will not let you down on the power assist this time.

Equpped with Bafang 350w(550wPeak) rear high speed motor, it can surely provide you with the power you need. Instead of feeling a sudden push, it will make you feel more like a surge and you can control it by adjusting the level (there are 3 levels of power assist and a sports mode just like the VR-01) of power assist and ride it as you see fit.

And many of our fans has been asking questions about when Buffalo is available in the market since the bike took its first appearance in CES last year, and we'd like to thank you for your support.

Now here's the great news :

In less than 30 days we'll raise another crowdfunding campaign on Buffalo on Indiegogo.

Please stay tuned on us on :


Official Website: