Grease on shoes after folding.


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Last Friday I purchased a Tern vectron q9 folding bike. I watched several videos on the proper way to unfold and fold the bike. I’ve been practicing folding and unfolding and I think I’ve got it. The only problem is whenever I try I get grease stains on the tops of my shoes. When I try to avoid moving my feet so as not to touch the chain, I fail to get the bike opened or closed successfully. Is anyone else having this problem, and have come up with a solution? Ed


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No experience folding bikes, but I bet you'll eventually find the outside-the-box move that avoids the dreaded SCC (shoe-chain contact). Meanwhile, there are black shoes, shoe covers, and tricking someone else into doing all the folding.

What I want to know is why the Universe, in its infinite perversity, picked black for chain gunk when there were so many other nice colors to choose from? I mean, really??