Generalized info about original parts.


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I just got a totaled 20" Fat Tire bike by ecotric. Looking for what were the original parts included an if other parts would work. I have no idea what the original 7 speed derailleur is, I know its Shimano but model # unknown. Also original cranks as they are all rusted up. Cassette as well and if the chain is 126 or 136 links as I tried a 116 link an it's way too small. I'm sure the parts are all Shimano just model #s are not known. I got lucky an controller an motor work just had to remove the lock cylinder since keys were gone also can the cylinders be replaced an does anyone sell or make them? Battery works with a screwdriver now. Pic 2 cis first day an first one is yesterday after it ran for the first time. Still needs work but runs great.


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