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I have a spare Stromer Gold 814WH battery (Fits models ST1x/ ST2/ ST2s/ ST3/ ST5/ ST7) which I do not use and would like to sell. I got a second one hoping to make some longer trips. I ended up needing two charged batteries exactly once. It is more of a concern keeping it conditioned than it is worth. So I am selling it. While the Omni-C computer on my ST2 lists it as being in "Good Condition", I know it does not have the same capacity as the newer battery. I'd wager it holds about 80-85% what the newer battery holds. It is in in "good condition" but it is not the same as a brand new battery. Just want to make that clear. The handle on top of it broke a couple of years ago and I replaced it with a new handle ordered from Stromer U.S. I never deplete my batteries, try to charge them to 90% or less, and they are always kept indoors. During the winter when I don't ride, I keep them charged around half way. Knowing how important it is to treat batteries well, I worry about it more than I want to. I don't need it for the kind of riding I actually do (a 5 mile commute each way to/ from work, occasional rides for pleasure of a couple of hours). One battery is plenty.

These batteries from Stromer list for $1500. I am asking $1050, but will consider reasonable offers. I won't respond to lowball offers. I prefer to use an escrow service (and will share the fee) to avoid scammers, but would love it if someone close by could come and pick it up in person. However it is done, payment must clear before the battery is sent. I am a reasonable person and will make reasonable efforts to make this a smooth process, but I have been scammed once before and am twice-shy. Communication is key. These do not come up often. Make an offer...

EDIT: My asking price has lowered to $850. I like to think I am a reasonable person, and from the feedback I have received I was asking too much. I genuinely thought the list price was indicative of the selling price. I should have known they can be found new for around $1200. Based on that, $850 still seems like a heckuva deal. And I am still accepting offers. Thanks, and apologies.


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