stromer battery

  1. Chuck E. Cheese

    FS: Stromer BQ814 Battery- LOWERED PRICE

    I have a spare Stromer Gold 814WH battery (Fits models ST1x/ ST2/ ST2s/ ST3/ ST5/ ST7) which I do not use and would like to sell. I got a second one hoping to make some longer trips. I ended up needing two charged batteries exactly once. It is more of a concern keeping it conditioned than it...
  2. Petropoliskhan

    Stromer announces solid state ceramic battery prototype

    Tomi Viiala Co- CEO of Stromer announced on his Linkedin page : "Big break trough at Stromer Bikes together with DARFON ELECTRONICS CORP. 達方電子 at the Eurobike. Stromer is proud to announce and show already a solid...
  3. nashda

    Stromer ST1 Battery Fail at 50% and higher

    Has anyone else seen issues like this where you ride it, park it for a few hours, then come back to find what should be a 50%-75% battery to be totally dead where it displays "no battery" on the control screen? Some details around what I've tried: 1. A brief "jumpstart" using the charger brings...
  4. P

    how to see the cycle number of a battery on a st2 stromer

    I just received my bike and wanted to know how to know the cycle number of a battery