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NYC passed the e-bike battery law and dealers WITH NON-APPROVED BATTERIES MUST REMOVE THOSE BIKES FROM BEING OFFERED FOR SALE as of 9/15/23 (Local Law 39, which takes effect on Sept. 16, will prohibit the sale, lease or rental of e-bikes and e-scooters — along with their batteries — that fail to meet recognized industry safety standards).
I am told that the "silk-screening" of the verbiage or lettering that is embossed on the battery cannot be covered with a new label if it is indeed an approved battery, but rather THE BATTERY MUST BE DISASSEMBLED, AND PLACED INTO A NEW CASING/SHELL WITH THE EMBEDDED CERTIFICATION on the new shell/casing.
Rather than incurring that expense, it was determined to clear out those non-conforming bikes at reduced prices. (even though they are OK or 'semi-certified' everywhere else). Drastically reduced prices I am told.
It is yet to be seen how low they will go and if indeed there is any kickback/complaining by insurance companies or other locations in the country if the existing batteries shall be deemed unsafe and deemed a risk.
The jury is out and it's my opinion that even though companies like Specialized, Trek, Giant, Yamaha, etc. most likely have used proper manufacturing components and procedures and in reality are for all intents is kind of exempt, but those who make the rules can dictate the final outcome, as we all know.
So, the point I'm sharing is that I'm told that it might be the best time to make your deal with the LBS for your dream bike.
As a side note, on the Today Show this morning they showed a 'Radio Flyer' e-bike that is $1,000 off list price for $719. Not that I or anyone else might consider it, but just the fact that such a drastic price reduction is new is cause for the sharing of this information.

As a side not, possibly not for this community forum discussion, is that because China is flooding Europe with their electric cars now and even VW has cut production because of the competition. The concern of course is will the EV's have the same "standards" that the e-bike batteries that are considered dangerous or will they be a much higher, approved standard?
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