Freway 2.0 eBike Launched at CES 2016 with New Stunning Features


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Fremo launched their latest model of Freway 2.0—buffalo eBike at the CES 2016, which is an improved version of Freway 1.0 with lots many new and better features.

Alhambra, CA, January 12, 2016 – The CES 2016 at Las Vegas hosted a wide range of innovative gadgets, gizmos and other products that can aptly define the Future of Technology. The four-day event, between January 6 and 9, showcased a number of futuristic products that are yet to hit the market, but they considerably drew the attention of the visitors, techno-geeks and others. Among the latest technology-driven innovations,Freway 2.0 is the proud new offering by Fremo that gained huge popularity among the visitors. Moreover, according to the company sources, they are witnessing a significant surge in the sale following the event.

This new eBike is the newly design of their earlier Freway 1.0 and it comes with a lot of feature additions. According to the spokesperson of the company, the new version has been equipped with a high performance battery, which owns the dynamic balance of charge and discharge technology and several other new quality elements. Moreover, the bike has been designed for the high speed with an integrated body design. The internal battery pack and 350w motor allow a powerful acceleration for achieving a desired speed almost instantly.

The spokesperson reveals that the new buffalo ebike has some popular features that are the major source of inspiration for customers to enjoy an exciting ride in an eco-friendly and energy efficient manner. For the modern gadget lovers, the bike has the in-built Bluetooth to connect to the App and retrieve data sent from the Freway Cycling Cloud. The App with rich data presence brings a lot of new possibilities for riders to enjoy traveling at a desired speed and with exciting features.

Many visitors at the CES 2016 agreed to the fact that Freway 2.0 could be the best and a quiet way to conquer the challenging road condition. Besides, it’s a stylish and smart mode of transportation with its smart controller and attractive design. People can get the unimaginable riding experience, whatever the road condition is riding this eBike. The latest bike from Fremo is currently available on Amazon. People who want to learn more about the bike and its features can visit the website


FREMO INC. has created Freway e-bikes to provide more people with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors through reliable and safe electric bicycle motoring. The company has the objective to give the people who love the riding the opportunity to start enjoying electric motoring with the Freway eBike. The eBike will change forever the way to travel to work or to play. The eBike enables more people to have fun and save money with eBike cycling. The electric cycling contributes to a better environment by eliminating the expensive cost of gasoline, which harms our air quality.


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There are of well known eBikes out there in the $700 to $3000 range.. For $3000 what is unique about your bike? And how do you achieve an 80 mile range from a 36V10Ah battery?
Freway is the pedal assistant bike, with your own strength and its own power system, it aims to improve people's commuting lifestyle