FLX Blade Used - Worth buying?


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New to the forum. Great resource! I have an opportunity to buy a used Blade 1. Bike is in amazing condition. Lightly used with 200 miles. About 1 1/2 years old. Comes with extra battery, a second charger, cargo rack, and fenders. Only add on is a headlight. Best offer is $3300. He was firm on $3500 but I got him to budge. Is it worth it for this bike or should I consider new with a warranty? The specs on this bike are amazing. What are your thoughts? I was torn on this or a new Juggernaut Ultra Pro. Guy is local. I test rode the Blade and it is a beast.
$4k brand new I believe, so a $700 discount for lightly used, barely broken in. That maybe considered a fairly good deal, even better considering the extras, and especially if you can test ride it first? Add the fact that you can take it home that day, has to be worth quite a lot if you're able and ready to ride now (i.e. you don't have a few feet of snow on the ground and won't ride until late Spring anyway!!).

That said you have to ask yourself, is this the type of bike you were looking for and would want? A good deal isn't just about saving money, it's about saving money on something you would have bought (or similar) anyway. If you are looking for a commuter bike, this may be a good value bike to an eMTB rider, just not good value to you.

I have looked at the FLX brand and would consider them quite good. I think they've had their issues in the past, and no company is obviously perfect.

Have you checked the subs on here for FLX riders? What about the FLX FB group?
Thanks for the reply. I’m an avid cyclist. Road and MTB. Originally considered a fat bike just to have in my inventory. After seeing this, the specs, and overall build quality, I was impressed. It’s stout. Ebike specific drivetrain, shift detection, magura quad disc.... just checked all the boxes for top notch stuff. I’ll look into the other groups you mention. Appreciate the info. BTW, east coast region. No riding now. Ughhhh.
I'd say it's reasonable given you are getting an extra battery. Depending on what kind of riding you do I might take a look at the Watt Wagons Hydra (full suspension, lighter CF build, aftermarket controller) unless you are already at the top of your budget. If you are an avid cyclist you might appreciate something more refined. Nothing wrong with the Ultra but I can say I didn't truly fall in love with my Ultra until I upgraded to the aftermarket controller.
Looks like these guys put a lot of R&D into their controller. Like tuning the ECU on a car. Pretty sweet.