Face mask/covering for bugs?


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With my increased speed on my sweet new ebike (Specialized Turbo X), I am getting so many bugs in my face (including eyes and mouth) when I commute through a local wetlands park in the early morning and at dusk. Has anyone come up with a good face covering to help with this but not interfere with vision and breathing?
I commute to work around 5:30am/3pm and ride for fun near the Rio Grande river and the Bosque (Spanish for woods, forest). Lots of dust, dirt, and debris hitting me as I ride the roads and side streets when I commute. I'm always running in a swarm of bugs by the river (can feel like you are getting hit by pebbles sometimes).

I just have a cheap pair of Dewalt clear lens Safety glasses with 1.5 bifocal included (old eyes). Since it is getting chilly in the mornings, I use a Balaclava Skiing mask under my helmet I can pull up over to where my eyes are just showing or pull down to wear just around my neck or any combo in-between. It is thin enough where I don't have to adjust my bike helmet to wear underneath; but, it does a very good job of keeping my head warm and wind off my skin on chilly mornings. I usually ride with my nose sticking out of the Balaclava with clear safety glasses on.

I just use a regular pair of sports wrap around polarized sunglasses during the day. Don't have the same issue in the middle of the day compared to early/late evenings with bugs and debris hitting me.

Balaclava, Amazon, 2-pk, $15:

Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 1.5 Clear Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve, $11, Amazon:

If the Balaclava is too hot to wear, I can only think of something like MTB full helmet with glasses or googles?
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If you don't like covering your face like me, I just pull my shirt up so it covers my mouth and nose when needed.
As with motorcyclists, you'll learn to keep your mouth SHUT! LOL