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Hello everyone. Long time fan of Courts reviews and as I just started reading bits of the forum, I decided to join. My Ebike journey is as follows.

In 2021, I purchased a used 2017 Izip Path+3 step thru and rode it lightly until this year. It was a nice starter bike for me, although the frame had more flex than I like ( I go over 210 lbs.) and the component group was Altus level. This spring, I decided to become a more active 65 year old amd purchased a used 2022 Verve+ 2 step thru with 20 miles at a great price and started riding more, including a 10 round trip commute to my part time job. Wonderful bike, better components, and a stiffer frame that rides really nice. With that said, I felt underwhelmed by the 40 NM (Izip had 50NM), and was lusting after a Trek Allant 7S or a Specialized Turbo Vado. After a couple of weeks, I found a 2018 Turbo Vado 3.0 step thru with 4000 miles that I purchased from an 85 year old for $1000. He needed a lower step and purchased a Turbo Como. This Turbo Vado is the equivalent of a later 4.0 and supposedly has around 90 NM. I am hooked. Such a solid frame and component selection. I stopped at a Specialized dealer on the way home and had the battery tested and it has 78 full charge cycles on it and is at 89% health. I can’t stop grinning when I ride this bike. It is still top notch. Living outside St Louis, we have the wonderful Katy trail here and even though I try to put 10 neighborhood miles on most nights close to dusk, I am going to try and hit that trail once a week. All that said, it is great to join the community here. Oh, and if anyone has a spare Specialized battery for sale at a decent price, I might be interested, and I am probably going the sell the Verveat this point. 😊


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