Error message after tire repair


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I had a flat repaired on rear wheel. After reassembly, display shows Error 34, with an unhelpful explanation of something ... ??? Bike no longer works. Manual supposedly has an Attachment of error codes, but no such attachment was on my manual downloaded. Any ideas?
Not knowing what bike what motor and display makes helping impossible. The clairvoyants are on elektrkbike!

the only link systems have with a wheel is the sensor. Often a magnet on a spoke and a sensor on the chainstay. Look up speed sensor in your manual. You should have a .pdf file manual. Or google...
Most ebikes use a 9 pin motor connector. Follow the cable out from the motor. It is pretty tight and needs to be fully seated. Make sure the arrows are lined up before you seat it or you will fry the pins. I marked mine with white-out so I could see them.

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