Equitable Commute Project, NYC


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The Verge published an article today about this fantastic project in the Bronx, New York City. E-bike manufacturers subsidizing 50% off ebikes for frontline workers in return for agreeing to carrying a telemetry sensor to enable NYU Researchers to track rider behavior to gather evidence for future policy recommendations to the City. Wishing every success for the application for a NY State Electric Mobility challenge grant.
Makes sense. With the high jackings of electric bikes in NYC the sensor would need to be installed in such a way as to make the bike valueless incase of theft. Somewhat like the ink tags found on some retail clothing. They wreck the clothing if removed. I would not want one because I would not want to be tracked. Maybe the sensor could be under a vile of acid that would wreck the motor and set the battery on fire.
There was a rider behavior analysis published based on telemetry data gathered from German pedelec and speed pedelec riders, but I think there is a need for similar studies based on riders in NYC on a variety of ebikes, more than just the Bosch ebike study being run by John MacArthur at Portland State University.
Thanks for sharing the article and exciting to read. Not sure folks care too much about the environmental benefit but think the idea could be sold on the return on investment and saving money as well as having a higher quality of life and maybe losing a few lbs and getting healthier, pretty tough to start a jogging program or weight lifting program but ebiking is pretty approachable for someone without athletic background. Id be interested to see someone tracked who starts ebiking and wear a heart rate fitness tracker as well as monitoring A1c to see how their blood sugar management goes over time with light daily cardio. Suspect blood pressure would improve and resting heart rate go down and blood sugar better controlled. When I bought my ebike I told my wife if I get a good 3 to 6 months of riding I’ve basically paid it off in lieu of a car payment, the numbers work out real good for a daily commuter