EPik SE Steering Stem Keeps Coming Loose


This has been a problem since I purchased my EJoe Epik SE bike. Initially it would take several rides before the stem started to loosen up at the folding joint. Lately I can only ride for a few minutes without the stem starting to come loose. Then I have to fold down the handlebars and retighten the adjusting nut which controls the tightness of the joint. This bike is becoming unusable. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I was told by a bike shop that the hardware used on the eJoe isn't the highest quality. They recommended replacing the nuts and bolts on the bike. I've had a similar issue with a couple other bits on mine, so the plan is to simply replace them with U.S.-made hardware.
Depending on where you live, check for an eJoe dealer near you, or an eBike specialist. They can usually fix the problem.
solved this problem by getting the adjustment just right and then applying loctite to the joint and allowing it to cure overnight. This fix lasts for about 4 to 6 month before you have to do it again. But that beats having to tweak it nearly every time I ride!