ElectroBike Dash & Alfa+ Reviews

Ann M.

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The ElectroBike Dash is a nicely featured bike with slightly smaller 24" wheels at a killer $800 price tag. Interesting design from Mexico that's made in China.

http://electricbikereview.com/electro... The ElectroBike Dash is a smaller sized, more affordable but also more cheaply made city style electric bike that would work well for short riders or even kids. Average rating on the motor and battery size should provide enough power for moderate hills and a 20+ mile range in pedal assist but you also get a twist throttle. Lots of useful accessories including fenders, chain guard, a rear rack and even an integrated LED headlight and electronic horn, great for commuting or running errands. Less powerful band brake in the rear, battery is not removable, throttle power is limited by assist level, cheap cadence sensor isn't very responsive, only one gear. ElectroBike is a company that started in Mexico and sells in the USA or ships globally.

The ElectroBike Alfa+ Folding Bike is another in their extensive line of products at a very affordable $1K price. Features like an integrated front light and cruise control along with the pedal assist and suspension make this compact folding bike an interesting ride.

http://electricbikereview.com/electro... The Alfa+ from ElectroBike is a cheap folding electric bike with some of the smallest wheels I've seen at 16" diameter vs. 20" used on the majority. Efficient 250 watt motor keeps it light and zippy, the battery pack is removable to reduce weight when transporting but requires two separate keys and doesn't slide on/off very easily. For a $1k electric bike you get some nice extras including steel fenders, integrated LED headlight and stand-alone back light, suspension fork and seat post shock and an integrated rack. Pedal assist is delayed due to the more basic five magnet sensor and cannot be overridden by the throttle (choose one mode or the other), the drum brake isn't very powerful for stopping.
Hi there, do you know if it's possible to upgrade this bike with more gears, I've tried it but it's too slow for me. It would void the warranty I know, just curious. Cheers!