EG Vienna 250 Video Review

Tara D.

Active Member
The more I see these folding bikes the more I think I should start looking into one, it would be so easy to just pop in the back of the SUV with my littles balance bike and go off somewhere to ride around! The EG Vienna 250 is one of the lightest and cheapest folding electric bikes I've reviewed weighing in at just ~43.5 lbs and costing $1,300 comes with a year warranty, includes a carry rack and fenders for utility. Available in two fun colors including glossy black or red, comes stock with a cargo rack, chain guide and plastic fenders with mud flaps to keep you clean and dry. Seven speed Shimano Acera drivetrain paired with an extra wide chainring to offset the smaller wheels, feels natural, battery pack uses quality Samsung cells and fits inside the frame for protection and improved aesthetics. To keep the bike light and affordable the display is just a basic LED type without a speedometer, odometer or precise battery gauge, the pedals are basic, there's no suspension and the lights are not integrated.