Does the Wabash RT exist in the wild?


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I preordered a Yamaha Wabash RT in May for June delivery, but keep getting delay emails due slow shipping from the ports. Has anyone seen a Wabash RT in the wild?
Picked up my bike today! Only had time to test it for a few miles, it was fast and fun! First longer ride tomorrow.

Initial impressions.
Wow. This thing is heavy!

I hit 23mph up a 3% grade into the wind, that was fun!

The assist kicking off at 28mph is a weird feeling.

This is my first bike with hydraulic disc brakes, they’re quite nice.

The computer has a terrible build quality. Feels flimsy and they kept the headlight button on the computer for a bike that doesn’t have a headlight.

The dropper post seems nice, but I’m not sure when I’d use it.
Congrats on your new toy - I'm still on the fence, but leaning hard!
The computer is identical to that used on the CrossCore, which comes with an integrated headlight.
Had a great commute yesterday and today. My biggest complaint is the computer. I don't see why it doesn't output cadence or wattage, surely that could have been done easily. A big whiff by Yamaha on the output section.