Does the Haibikes have Walk Assist activated?

Duke-Here is the latest update from the dealer:

"The Walk-assist feature is available on 2017 models only, it’s not backwards compatible, since it’s a new firmware. You can enable it through the software. Hit the “Walk” first and then the “+” button to activate it. The system needs to be activated, on any modes. However, some brands (like Trek) decided to keep it disabled, nothing can be changed even through the dealer software."

So as of this update, Bosch will not have a backwards compatible solution for systems in North America prior to 2017 that will allow for the "Walk Assist" to be activated.



I have a trek powerfly 8 bought in the UK. Walk assist button was working before and after the firmware upgrade.
The button for this is located in a silly place, but it is good to know the way it it used has been changed with the recent eMTB mode firmware update (I did not know this and have not tested yet).
I have to say I find the walk assist to not really have enough power or speed.