Does anyone suffer from battery range anxiety like people do with electric vehicles?

Just wondering if it happens with electric bikes to anyone. Thanks for you for your honesty.
When I purchased my first ebikes for my wife and I, they were Aventon Levels with 48V-14.5Ah batteries. I thought range would be a concern. I researched adding an extra battery to increase our range but I was really happy with the range (40-55 miles) on paved trails.

Then, I built a mid-drive Fat bike with a 48V-17.5Ah battery. I immediately wanted more power so that I could rip and shred the non-paved trails, using lots of juice, without worrying about my range. So I added a second unconnected battery (48V-20Ah) for swapping out.

Then I got my Luna Z1 Enduro and I was back to one battery (48V-17.5Ah) and it fell short of my needs. I then added a fully integrated second (v8V-20Ah) battery giving me a continuous 37.5 Ah. Lots of fun and no voltage sag. I could never ride this aggressive for such a long time if I only had one battery.
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I just fart around the area on my ebike so range isn't really a concern. When I used to commute I found my 14 mile one way worked just fine on my then RadRunner 1. If I was totally lazy or it was raining I had 2 bars left after using throttle only. I recharged it at work and topped it up again when I got back home. If I start this commute again my next commuter will be a bit more efficient, perhaps a torque sensor next. Now I mentioned range anxiety wasn't a concern but voltage drop is. My current beater is a Xpedition dual battery model. With both of us on it and in PAS 5 it'll drop 3 bars minimum, sometimes 5! Will come back up when we slow down or come to a stop but it can get unnerving.
Just wondering if it happens with electric bikes to anyone. Thanks for you for your honesty.
Sure. It's not just range itself, but range dictating how you allocate power when you ride. For that reason, I purchased extender batteries for both my bikes so I wouldn't have to think about it...much.
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Certainly, my battery can sustain me for continuous commuting over two days, covering a total distance of approximately 100 km. However, I still charge it every day. Although I could charge every two days, I always find it bothersome to keep that in mind.
Just wondering if it happens with electric bikes to anyone. Thanks for you for your honesty.
Absolutely have range anxiety, but only depending on the ride. For rides well within the battery range, no worry. For very long rides, a different story. Did an 100 mile ride, and battery capacity only got me to 80 miles, and had to ride the last 20 with motor off. Tough!
Not at all as a recreational rider. Keep an eye on estimated range, make sure we're back with miles to spare. If we don't plan correctly, oh well, tougher pedaling.
Absolutely for me as well — why I added a Range Boost to bring total onboard to 1,125 watts. Allows me 50-60 miles in Turbo (or 250 miles in Eco).
The range anxiety for e-bikes is universal. You need many rides to gain experience. For example, the wind direction and speed for your planned ride might be a game changer. One of the cures is carrying a spare battery or adding a Range Extender/Booster/etc.

Or, you ride a Specialized e-bike, turn the Smart Control on with the smartphone, set the Distance and Elevation Gain as well as the Battery % Left At The End Of The Ride, and need not to worry: The app will control the assistance so you would still arrive to your destination assisted :)

I wonder whether any other brand has developed their Smart Control :)

Smart Control or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying (and Love My Vado)

Range anxiety is always a factor with any powered vehicle, e-bikes are no exception.

The first thing you need to do with a new e-bike is understand what the battery gauge is telling you. Many, less expensive bikes use simple bar gauges which can be deceiving. If you ride out until half the bars are gone, you may not have enough juice to get back. A series of range tests is necessary to judge the actual state of charge indicated by the gauge.

The best way to eliminate range anxiety is to carry a spare battery.
I do like my display on the Aventon Level as it gives me a percentage number such as 100%, 77% etc, My Espin sport gives me anywhere from 1 to 5 bars. I prefer seeing a number. Ride 1 UP gravel and Lectric are also only bars. I cant remember when my Frey CC had. Because I only tool around locally, range anxiety is usually not an issue-compared to my Kona EV. Thats a whole different animal...
One requirement of my bike is that it be light enough (54lb currently) to carry up a flight of stairs.
That, plus moderate tire size (1.75" front, 2" rear) means I can pedal it without electric assist, albeit slower.
So, no anxiety.

Over my 26 years of e-biking I've been left to limp home "acoustically" a few times, but never due to a run-down battery.
Blown (crappy Currie/BMC) motor controllers mostly.

The longest ride I do on a regular basis is 24 miles paved; which used about 1/2 the capacity of the (crappy) 52V 11.6AH battery (from I recently replaced.
I've not yet taken the 2 week old 52V 14.4AH Unit Power Pack for a long ride, but it's held up well on a number of short trips to stores etc.
Range anxiety is always present, so you do things to combat it, and may be able to take it to a point where you no longer care. Put in a larger battery. Carry a charger so you can plug in anywhere. Less intrusive: Observe your performance and learn whatever limits are yours, and adjust your use to stay within them. "Worst" case you dial down the assist so your pack lasts longer (not so awful since its better exercise).
Most of the time my butt wears out long before the batteries can.
My longest e-bike ride for a day was 208 km (129 mi), and I had three batteries total for my e-bike. If I had to ride it again in good conditions, I could make it with 2 batteries but why take a risk? Well, I did a lot to make my butt feel comfortable for long distance rides but it is against the "I need my ride position be more upright" camp :)
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Same issue with others of my bottom gives out, I get too cold/hot, or numb hands sets in before battery range becomes an issue. My max distance is around 36 miles with a max of 40-45 miles of battery range. My average between 10-20 miles for 95% of my rides.
Anxiety not as high on an ebike as an EV, you can't pedal an EV. :)

Most of my rides are 20-30mi range and I thought the smaller battery of the Soltera.2 would be an issue but I rarely go below 50% (which is better than on my Espin) so not too worried. And... we have the OG Soltera and the battery matches so I can always take it along as they are not that heavy.
Not any more,
Since I got my 2 extra batteries, for the WH MD 750, I have averaged 80-120 miles per charge on the 2 battery's, if in doubt I pack the extra 2 along, so far I haven't needed any more mileage, than the 2 can provide.