Do I really need motor cut brake levers?

When this thread was started 4 years ago most people here had never heard of Brose, Yamaha was a motorcycle and Shimano made derailleurs. Seriously though Shimano, Brose and Yamaha were just getting going in North America with their modern mid drives. 4 years ago the vast majority of ebikes had brake cutoffs and Bafang mid drive riders wanted them for hydraulic brakes. It's not a throttle or hub thing, it's a cadence versus torque sensing issue. Cadence sensing requires cutoffs because they don't start or stop instantly. Torque sensing hubs can have them, but it's not an absolute requirement.
My bad! I didn’t look at the original post date when I saw Edwin posted to this thread today. I wish people would just start a new post instead of resurrecting ones that are so old......