Discharging an Ancheer bike battery


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How and why to discharge an Ancheer bike battery. When looking to purchase a new battery I see they include a discharged cable but not sure what is is for and how use it!!


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It is recommended for storage that a Lithium battery be kept at about 50% state of charge for extended periods. So say you know you are not riding your bike for the next 3 months you would hook the pos/neg leads up to some sort of resistor and plug it into your battery to lower the SOC if it was say at 80-100% charge. But then you would also have to check it once a month to see if it is staying within that range, if not hit it on the charger for a bit.

That is one use for a discharge cable anyway.
Those are included with some batteries because the original bike may use a four or five prong receptacle instead of a 2 prong, and may have a different polarity on the pins. These match the battery that you are buying, and the idea is that you will install them correctly to get polarity right.
I bought a SIlverfish pack a year ago, and one set of prongs was included, but not needed. If you already have a 2 pin battery, and positive/negative are in the same place, no need to change them out.
Well, you don't have a silverfish battery with those pins. How about full pics of the battery? I saw your query about the 4pin vs 5pin elsewhere.

Is it like these Hailongs?