Disappointed after purchasing an e-bike?

In late 2018 I bought a Giant Fathom and it ran flawlessly for 3 years. Sold it to a buddy in favour of a dual suspension Giant Stance.
The Stance started cutting out after 300kms or so.
LBS was awesome and replaced the whole bike including battery.
Has been perfect for over 5000kms now.
Certainly not the cheapest options, but the local service/quality is worth it (to me).
Not sure where this thread is going.
But anyone dissatisfied with their ebike purchase tough luck man.
Next time don't buy an ebike buy a regular push bike.
Disappointed? Yes with Trek’s choice to put a ridiculous Bosch smartphone controller on their bikes.
Changed mine immediately to the excellent Bosch Kiox 2.
Who makes those poor decisions? Certainly not anyone who used the Smartphone controller.
Ditto and the silly rear rack on the 8s......not well thought out.
I have not been disappointed in an ebike itself but perhaps my choices made.

1) Rad Rover: Never had any mechanical issues but quickly learned I should have purchase a bike with torque sensing instead of cadence. (Ended up selling).

2) Specialized Turbo Levo Comp: Great MTB but a bit heavy for my liking. ( Ended up selling)

3) Specialized Levo SL 5.0 EQ: Great bike for road and gravel. Very light for an e-bike. (Keeper)

4) Trek Fuel EXE 9.8 XT: Great MTB (SL Model). Love it on the trails and very light for a MTEB. (Keeper)

I think when entering the e-bike world for the first time, the best choice can be challenging. For me, I took a couple of different bikes to find the right combination.
Levo SL? ....or did you mean Vado SL?
Ditto and the silly rear rack on the 8s......not well thought out.
Yes, agree per rear rack that I adapted with an MIK rack adapter sold thru Giant. Once we (friends on EBR) figured out a solid mounting process I have been relatively pleased with the results. However, could be more attractive and easier to unclip from if Trek had used the same rack as they put on the 7s. Poor physical design planning by Trek.