delete old trouble with site


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The last few days when I come to this site I first get a message saying my IP address has been banned. When I hit log in it then connects. Anyone else having this issue?
@Hugh, @JayVee, I've also had this problem as have a few other folks. It comes on the heels of other attempts to crash our site with a bunch of spammy fake new members. Court & the site programmer know and have done some kind of fix. What I need to hear from anyone is if they are still experiencing that tonight, Tuesday or later. Thank you for mentioning it!
Thanks everyone, please keep letting me know if you see that specious 'IP banned' page come up. Our programmer is working to restore the 'Upload file' function so we can all see your cool ebike pics :D
Hello Ann,

I just saw you deleted my post mentioning that I was doing direct selling because I mentioned a website

Please reconsider.

If you read my entire post, you would have noticed that I ask for feedback on a product sold by this website and even ask for alternatives. I am NOT related tothis website.

You also mention that my ip has a history of spamming, no idea about this. How can I know more? My IP could be hacked?

Thanks in advance