Defective Qualisport Beluga Rear Tire


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Lets start by saying when I received the Beluga e-bike I love the fact that its different from other e-bikes looks different rides different and feel different now the day I received the bike I only rode the bike not only 15min when the rear tire exploded I've been going back and forth with who I purchased the e-bike from who in other hand have been going back and forth with Qualisport in Shanghai its been over a week and still this matter have not been resolved I've sent numerous pics videos and even paid out my pocket to have the tube replaced on a new bike I haven't even ridden 1/4 mile and then they sent me a pic of a tire which is totally different from the original tire and wanted me to accept that for a 1400 e-bike Im just tired of going back and forth with this company that should of just sent a replacement im not happy with whats going on and want to return the bike for Qualisport again tell me i need to pay for shipping the e-bike back a 175.00 and pay a restocking fee of 25% for a defective e-bike they sent me. i highly don't recommend this company because if i can go through all of this just for a tire i can only imagine for something much more serious...


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Another attempt today a new tire and tube was sent and arrived today a day earlier than expected but 1st the tire was sent bent all out of shape in a small box and it didn't take long before the same thing happened again Qualisport Beluga isn't a quality e-bike or maybe i just received a bad bunch out of the rest. Im just frustrated and need a resolution ASAP not next week two days i've had this e-bike for two weeks and cant get a ride out of it


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