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I'm adding an earlier review I did yesterday but posted elsewhere in case someone might be interested at the Eunorau thread. I received an orange D6 this afternoon (after a nine month Indiegogo elongated backer wait and I am reprinting comment here) and wanted to offer my first unboxing feedback to the Forum. So far impressed with the ease of build and the bike’s overall quality (at this price point) while I haven’t had the chance to do any final go-thru and double check all connections (that tonight and tomorrow) but I did want to share what I’ve discovered so far after my initial assembly and power up:

My weigh-in was 41.2 lbs (medium frame with pedals and kickstand), There was no bash/chainring guard provided (a $10-20 easy fix). I knew a thru bolt but did not expect such a good quality front 15mm thru bolt and quick release. Nice. The pre- charged battery final charged-up quickly (20 minutes) and the battery fit and finish is tidy with great form factor. Nice key lock. Mid motor is well integrated to the bottom bracket/frame and it’s overall a simple, clean design. The D6 should be a decent general use play bike (gravel, fire road, bike path, urban use) at a better than reasonable Backer price, (even with the Backer wait). I measured using a caliper both front fork and rear frame clearances for my next set tire width (the half-way measurement with equal clearance spacing next on each side of the tire relative to the side of respective fork and frame equaled ~ 44-45mm of total (call it max tire) width, a 40mm tire should easily fit if a first attempt conservative start point). Its a lot of bike for almost half the price of say the full priced Ride1Up Prodigy mid drive (I’d pick the XC) and in my case, possibly yours too, more than adequate for my real everyday daily uses. It has been storming all day and the next few but at some point when it dries top we’ll report on how the bike performs in hilly urban and semi off-road use.

Wheel trueness seem quite good and the rotating assembly is quite good on the stand. Attention to the bike’s shipping packaging was excellent t (double layer all sides, a box in a box! nice), the cleanliness of the packaging with pretty good tie-down management w zip-ties, foam, thick clear plastic to protect the front rim disc, just good overall coverage and no damage to any of the components (a slight carton puncture at the steering head at first a concern but no damage). No paint chips, decent and quite an interesting bright orange it almost flat more of a soft satin look that helps make the bike look very striking and special with the black accents. I like it and others have said the same. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you chose this color.

I’m not nearly (at all) disappointed as some have shared with some of the well known shortcomings of the bike those reported during some of the builds with the first intial shipment. IMO Welds are not as sloppy as some have commented on so it may be this 2nd run batch may have seen some decent attention/improvements and/or I’m not as qualified (or maybe it picky) to judge in terms of metallurgical quality the others may possess within the Indiegogo forum.

Overall, so far so good. I think its hard to fault this bike at the Backer price point, a mid drive no less, with decent components, a 9 or 11 speed, nice color display with decent information and easy navigation so far, pedals are better than I expected, they’ll work just fine until you upgrade to alloys or composites and the decent Tektro brakes are fine until a great hydraulic system is identified (that will be way better than probably what would be leaking units 6-12 months from now that we were promised). Yeah, they kinda made a bonehead, unprofessional move with the mechanicals but it’s not the end of the world either. In the end we will all eventually have a great platform to work on and improve for $1200 (9 speed D6).

These opinions are mine and mine alone and I have not accepted any compensation, discounting or any special favors from Eunorau or any affiliates. Just my two cents.
I hope this helps a few folks who are anxious to get their hands on their own bikes.

Happy New Year!


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