Cube Reaction Pro upgrade plus costs


Just finished getting the Fox Evolution fork upgrade onto the bike.
Pretty much all the components that made this upgrade possible turn out to be Giant parts or compatible.
The Fork came off a giant Giant frame. Guy needed some cash I guess BUT...
Giant has a lot of proprietary part sizing, of which I now know about.
First: Boost vs non-Boost. Our Cube is Boosted. Change the fork you may have to change the wheel as I learned I had to.
Second: 6 bolt vs Centre Lock. Cube has Centre Lock so... for 2 reasons I could NOT use my OEM AlexRim front wheel but, mainly because of the Boost status.
Third: Giant OEM stems are 1 1/4" instead of regular 1 1/8". Upper bearings have to be swapped out. Not very difficult (little tiny bearings everyfcuknwhere).
Fourth: Wheels; How difficult is it to find a 650B/27.5 non-boosted wheel? Seems to be getting more difficult going forward. 29er, Boosted Tubeless and now XtraBoost are standard. Who knew??
Fifth: Pinkbike was great to get most of the parts other than the 6 bolt rotor which was only $30 at MEC (decent price)
Costs to date: Bike was $4100.00 2018
Tires: $170 2 x 3" Nobby Nics $50 1 x 2.6" NN $20 1 x Purgatory Control $100 installed in CR this summer
Tubes: $25 x 4 Sport Check $6 usually
Brakes: $88 4 x $22 Resin Pads. Have been caught out twice so far...
Fork: $300 cash Fox Evolution non-Boost 150mm SWEET so far...
Wheel: $50 cash non-Boost
Sundries: $200. Probably less but...


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