Creo/Vado SL Charger pins in danger...


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Has anyone already had problems with the pins of the SL charger?
Today I was cleaning (and moving) my creo a little bit while charging when charging stopped. A took of the plug and was unable to replug it. As I looked (for the first time ever...) inside, I saw two pins bent, the thin one and one of the big ones (which is also far from "thick" or durable...).
I was able to bent them back in place and charging worked again. But I think bending 1-2 times more and these pins are gone. So be careful here, better don't touch/move your SL bike while charging.
But also with now the fifth e-Bike in the family we never had a charger with so sensible AND unprotected pins.
Is the cable/the plug for the Extender battery the same? If so, this seems even more dangerous to me for the pins while riding the bike (especially offroad/gravel).
Yes, I've had this problem. The charger plug is a terrible design, the XLR "mic plug" on my previous Giant was far more robust. I moved my bike forgetting it was plugged in- bad move. It also happened again when I was staying in a hotel with bike in their sotretoom and a member of staff moved the bike. I thought I'd then buy the Y cable for extra battery and use it all the time so if a plug gets damaged it would only be the Y cable, but the Y only works with both bike and extender plugged in.
Specialized really need to address this on next models, I personally think it's the least robust part on a bike that cost thousands!!!
You can (usually) straighten the pins with screwdriver then long nose pliers. Switch charger off first!

The extender is a bit more robust- it obviously doesn't hit pedal and has a lever to lock in at the bike side, in the extender the connector is in a big black rectangular plastic block that makes it harder to put in at wrong orientation. But pins still could still bend
On my two Creo Experts (MY2019 and MY2022) I've had this problem also.
One should be very careful plugging in the charger/range extender cables.