Como 3.0 - Power Quit


Hello. Was riding my Como 3.0 with two lights on the battery indicator, and out of the blue, the power to the motor, lights, and the "dashboard"? quit. So, battery showed it had a charge, but nothing going to the motor, lights, or dashboard. I charged the battery briefly, and power came back on. I haven't tried it for any length of time, so I don't know if problem will return. Any thoughts of the what's the problem will be greatly appreciated. Ned
What were you doing at the time? Running in highest power output, going up a hill that may have been drawing peak power output? Either of those scenarios (or others possibly) could have put a draw on the batteries that could not be handled at the lower state of charge.

It could be the sign of a cell going bad as well, that would probably be worst case scenario - but not likely unless you see it happening consistently and becoming worse over time.

If it happens again I'd be curious to wait for a few minutes to see if things can power back up. Otherwise just keep an eye out for any negative changes (or if it becomes a consistent issue).
Thank you, pxpaulx. Your explaination sounds very feasible. Yor are right; I was going up a hill on high power, but this has not happen before. Bike's two years old and pretty well used. Will just keep an eye on things. Ned
It could be motor or battery overheat prevented by the e-bike's system.