“Click” felt at the pedal when starting from zero


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Hey folks,

I have a Bosch Gen4 Speed with enviolo hub and gates belt, and I’ve noticed that when pedalling from zero speed, it often makes a “click” / “clonk” which is felt the pedal, roughly at the beginning of the pedal stroke. This happens more frequently at higher motor assist levels.

Is this normal? Have you noticed the same?
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Mine does this - 1x9 chain drive. I mentioned it at one of my checkups, but the shop didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Then again, the motor has gotten a good bit louder and even mildly crunchy, and they say it's normal. 2 shops actually. I suspect they wanna see if the motor will get past warranty period without replacing.
I brought it to the shop and the mechanic (competent guy) adjusted the alignment of the belt and back wheel slightly. That fixed like 90% of the “clunk” when starting to pedal. I asked him why is it still doing it sometimes and he said I had biked with it crooked for a while so it will take some time to settle in.

Is that something you guys have seen?

P.S. I noticed that it was happening also with the engine off, just much less. The higher the assist, the higher chance it would happen.
Mine is not like that. It hasn't gotten any better or worse and does it with power on or off. Feels mechanical.
Mine has just started clunking also @ ~975 miles. When I turn the motor off there is a slight noise, but minimal. No other noticeable feel or power interruptions. My guess is my dealer would be hard pressed to isolate and identify the cause. I plan to keep riding through the annoying noise for now.
Just asking; what about trying some grease behind the rear cog and the transmission hub? It could be moving slightly there under high torque. Maybe under the clip ring also between it and the cog.
You might also want to check the crank arm bolts and make sure you don't have one that is not torqued down adequately. The system will "click" or "clunk" if this is the issue beyond what you have found up until now.