Charge battery @ >50% twice a day, or @ <5% once a day?

Charge battery @55% twice a day, or @ <5% once a day?

  • Charge battery @55% twice a day

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  • Charge battery @<5% once a day

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I just got a new Evo Cross for my 24mi round-trip commute. I'm expecting to do this commute 5x a week, and hope to get at least three years service out of the battery.

Riding somewhat hard at 70% assist (2nd highest assist mode) gets me to work in about 40m without too much sweat. Due to a very long steep hill, I'm ending up with less than 5% battery level by the time I get home. At that point the display starts displaying a '13' error code, but the motor is still fully functioning. So, the battery is not getting completely drained, which I know would be bad for battery longevity. (I did drain it once, thinking it would help calibrate the battery level display, and found that at 0% the battery still had a lot of juice).

What should I do to maximize battery life here? Are two shallow cycles a day better than a single deep cycle?
Most definitely a twice daily charge. Running the battery that deep doors risk damage to individual cells, while charging twice will have no negative effect over the life of the battery, if anything it may be a positive net effect. Remember manufacturers battery resins of say one thousand cycles refer to one thousand full charges. Twice daily at fifty percent means two thousand charges for that kind of usage.
Yep, twice is better. I bought a second charger for my office, so I don't have to carry it back and forth.