Change springs in Suntour NCX


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I have a Vado 4.0 with the Suntour 50mm travel NCX fork. The fork is adjusted with the minimum preload and rebound. However it barely moves even on sharp deep potholes. I believe I do not weigh enough for the spring used in the fork. I am 160 pounds. Does Suntour offer optional lighter springs?
Have you taken a look at the manutacturer's service documents linked in this thread; ? They may offer some clues as to alternate springs.

I gotta ask, the 'Lock/Open' control is in the 'Open' position, right?
Yes the lock is open. I see in the documents that they carry three springs for these forks, light, medium and stiff. I guess I will assume that the fork shipped with a medium spring. Maybe once I take the fork apart the spring might be identified is some way.
How old is your fork?

Just like chain, if you don't clean / lube your fork, it may not work very smoothly.

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Bike is 8 months old, tubes are cleaned and lubed so friction is not an issue.