California ebike incentive program for low income residents


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E-Bike Vouchers Bill Signed by Governor Newsom

From January 2020, Expands the state’s Clean Cars for All incentive program potentially offering low income residents who trade in an old car up to $1,000 off the purchase price of an ebike. The CC4A program in the San Francisco Bay area has particular income and residency requirements so it’s unclear how much of an impact this might have but the prospect of a RadWagon or similar for $500 will hopefully be appealing for those eligible.

Some sources for interested California residents:

Bay Area AQMD car trade in program eligibility

South Coast AQMD Replace Your Ride website
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March 2021 update: Streetsblog report that as of January 2021 the Bay Area Quality Management District has been accepting applications for the grant program authorized under SB400, and one other District of the 35 Air quality districts in California is seeking to copy the Bay Area program. The $7,500 can be used for one or more ebikes, cars must be >15yrs old and have been registered to the low income resident for at least the past two years.
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I just read it. From an urban anthropology point of view it is not going to work. People who are disadvantaged and live in poverty neighborhoods in the SF Bay area, do not like paperwork, do not trust programs, and are not culturally bike people. Of those who do go through the red tape and end up with a bike, the bike will be stolen in a matter of weeks. These are high crime areas and a flashy bike draws attention. Violent bike jacking is likely.