Bontrager Backrack Deluxe S Rear Rack on IZIP E3 Dash

Cameron Newland

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I just installed Bontrager's Backrack Deluxe S Rear Rack ($49.99 from Bontrager/Trek) on my 2015 IZIP E3 Dash:




Previously, I had been using an Ibera Pakrak, which was a good starter rack, but it has some design limitations (namely, a lot of weight rests on a pair of height-adjustment screws). I think this Bontrager rack is better looking and sturdier. Also, it's got two sets of top tubes to attach pannier bags to, and that's important to me because I often mount a trunk bag on top and that limits access to the top rack tubes, so having another set of tubes to mount bags on below there is a real time saver and also helps to keep the weight distribution low on the bike, which helps handling. I'll let you guys know more after a few weeks of hauling things around.

Here's the link to the rack at Bontrager's website:

Do any of you have front or rear racks that you swear by?
I use the Topeak Explorer rack on my Evo Jet. I really like it because the Topeak Trunkbag compatible with the rack mounts in a track, hooks on to the front of the rack and has panniers and storage on top of the rack. It is very secure and spacious. I commute to work and love the organization and stability of the bag, which relies on this great rack. By the way, your bike looks sharp!