Best size aventure for me?


Hi im looking to buy an aventure. I would like to know if any one could tell me how the sizing has been for them. Im looking at a med or large. Not sure which will suit me best. Im about 5 9 and 175 lbs. I have a pace 350 that is a med and feels just a bit small. But still comfortable on it. Ordering online and would hope to get the best fit since i wont be test riding one. Thank you for any help.
Other questions you ned to ask yourself is do I need a step OVER or step THROUGH frame. Makes a difference. The other difference would be are your legs longer or your torso? This effects frame sizing also. As Dingo suggested, if there is a dealer close by, see what they have and ask to ride one and see how it feels. For myself, I am looking at a Large Step Through, partly due to my advancing age, but also it make sense to have a bike I can adjust easy for others to ride while not having a huge step over height.

Good Luck in your search.
I went to a couple of local bike shops. None have any in store but can order for me. I can order my own as well. They dont carry them as they are too expensive to stock.
Thank you. Im buying the step over. I feel medium is probably best and looking at the chart thats recommended. Appreciate the help