Trek Domane +lt7 Battery


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Hi all, new member here. I live in Canada, BC to be precise. I just bought a used Domane +LT7, awesome bike, beed a rode rider all my life and thought I would add an ebike to my collection for fun and frolic lol! Well, Im getting a bit hooked on the assist up the big hills. Im 72 and need a little help now and then….I would love to extend the range with an extra battery but Im finding it harde to get one. So, if any of you have Fazua 250X Evation battery sitting in your collection you are not using, let me know what you would like for it. Or if you have a line on a suppplier in North America that would work too. Thanks guys and looking forward to picking your brains for knowledge
Welcome to the forum. I live fairly close by (as the crow flies) on Vancouver Island.
The Trek dealer you bought the bike from couldn't order one for you?
Hi, bought it lightly used. Its a great bike, great drive system. I can ride all day and still have lots of battery left, only use on hills but I woulds like to take a spare on weekend runs with an overnight