Best ebike for Petite Wife?


So my wife currently has a 24” Trail Tracker but it’s proving too difficult for her to handle, primarily due to her height (4’ 9”). She just can’t get on and off the bike safely.

The Element is an option but while the 20” wheels help with lower stand over height they also require more effort to pedal and keep up with large diameter wheeled bikes, and she has limited strength/stamina.

So I’m looking at the 24” low step Boomerang which Pedego markets as being for 5’ 2” and under riders. My only concerns are the heavy weight of the bike (which seems to be unavoidable on low step ebikes) and the very low frame height in front of the bottom bracket that might be an issue on our gravel roads and forest service roads in our area.

Are there any extremely petite riders out there who have tried this bike, particularly on relatively level hard packed dirt or gravel roads?
Riders on the forum have talked about the Kona Dew-e deluxe, look at the forum for Kona bikes, I have a non-electric Kona Dew Deluxe, medium frame that my 12 yr old grandson rides, he’s at 5’ tall, had to cut the seat post, but is handling it well
The 24" Boomerang is a good choice. I have a 26" Boomerang so I'm very familiar with this model. There should be no problem with the low frame height in front of the bottom bracket on gravel roads, unless you wife is riding over deep ruts in the road or riding over fallen tree trunks :) As far as the weight issue, being an electric bike with a throttle when needed, the weight of the bike shouldn't be a problem. Remember with a Pedego bike you have a five year warranty on the bike and battery (direct replacement of the battery in the first three years and prorated replacement in years 4 and 5. You can't go wrong with a Pedego.
I have an Avenue and an Element. While the Element does take a little more energy to move than the Avenue, being an ebike takes that problem away. The Element is definitely heavier than the Avenue. That being said, my wife and I rode a 30 mile ride with the trip out at relatively low speeds on gravel and the trip back on PAS5 with several large hill climes and we still had 2 bars left on the 14Ah battery. If possible, take both the Boomerang and Element for a test ride.
Thanks for the feedback. I looked at a 24” Bomerang yesterday and just feel the bike is too big and unwieldy for her. It felt very strange to me with the frame shape and huge handlebars. I think we’ve exhausted the Pedego options and I’m leaning toward an Aventon Level.2 Step Through. I just posted another thread to keep comments focused on that bike. Thanks.
Check out 24" Electra flat foot frames. They can be kitted and are easy off and on.
My 5' 2" wife is quite comfortable riding rough trails on her 26" Pedego Platinum Interceptor step thru. She tried the 24" size but it was too small for her so you might try that model before giving up on Pedego.