Anyone Using the Model R for Light Trails?


I’m considering the Model R for my petite wife as it’s a small frame, it’s available with 24” tires, and it seems to have potential for use on gravel roads and dirt forest service roads due to the front suspension fork and frame/fork that accommodates 3” wide tires. The tires would have to be swapped for ones with a more aggressive tread, the cruiser handlebars would have to be swapped for straighter ones, and I would also opt for the 7-speed transmission. With those changes it would seem to be a good option for light trail use.

We’re generally not fans of the cadence only PAS systems and much prefer the torque sensing systems but I’m just not finding any better torque sensing PAS step through ebike options for a petite rider on trails.

Is anyone using their Model R for trails? If so, did you modify anything and can you comment on it’s performance?