BBS01 on Pashley - chainguard?


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Hello All,

My first post here. I'm in the market for my second ebike, one with a mid drive, and after considering an Asaeko (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) have decided on a BBS01 (250w), to fit it to a vintage-style bicycle. I've settled on a Pashley Roadster Classic My question is, for those of you who have up close experience with a BBS01, how do you suspect I will go with that beautiful chainguard on the Pashley? Does it look to you that with basic modification at most that I will probably be able to keep the guard?


The Pashley really is a beautiful bike! I don't have hands on experience with the BBS01 (250w) So I can't really answer your question. I hope you find a way to make it work! The fully enclosed chain guard is nice. Good luck on your build and have fun!
Thanks Tara. I have found some photos of a Pashley and other vintage-style bikes with a Bafang here and especially here. They were unable to keep their chainguards. But perhaps with some extra work it is possible.
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Make sure to come back and post some photos and let us know if you were able to figure something out and if so how you managed! Thanks for the link.
Posting an update to this old thread because the question is still relevant, this New Zealand DIY build illustrates the BBS01 will work with Pashley's hockey stick style chain guard as used on certain models including the Britannia, Poppy, Briton, Parabike, and Tube Rider, but the BBS01 will not work with the fully enclosed chainguard as used on Pashley's Princess and Roadster models.
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Another update, a New Zealand dealer has images of the Pashley Princess and Roadster models that show a bafang mid-drive motor and full chaincase, these appear to have been photoshopped because their conversion kit webpage states the full chaincase has to be replaced with the "partially enclosed" chainguard.