Bafang motor hits chainstay?


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Hey I want to build up a bafang hardtail mountainbike, but the motor hits my chainstay. Aside from getting a new frame, is there anything I can do? How can I check to make sure the frame I buy will work with it?

In picture 1 I circled the part on the motor that is hitting

In picture 2 I drew in with the blue line where the motor would go and why it is hitting.


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Is it the actual her housing that touches the chainstay or is it the chainring? If it's the chainring you can fit an adapter and put a smaller chainring on or a 42T Lekkie bling ring may do the trick.
If it's the plastic gear housing, you don't have many options - maybe a spacer between the drive and bottom bracket could work if you only need a few mm.
@Sayshell Did you find a solution? I had a similar problem. Are you able to thread on the nuts on the non drive side of the bottom bracket anyways?

Here is a post I did in another form let me know if it helps

I ran into some challenges with the non drive side crank arm hitting the chainstay as well as the front chain ring hitting the chainstay. This article was great to remedy those problems

I ordered an offset crank arm for the non drive side and that did the trick for one side. Then I also bought washers to make the mounting plate even

Finally I bought longer bolts and lock washers which served as spacers for the chain ring.