Aventon Light upgrades Possible?


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I have a Aventon Aventure.2. I would like to replace the front wired light with a wired blinking light and add red blinking light in the rear using the same on/off button the controller. I can’t find out how many volts the current light has and how many volts a replacement could be. Also how many volts could I add on with a rear blinker. Anyone have any ideas?
When I measured the Aventure.1 about a year ago, I found that its Spanninga model HL32 headlight operated at 6 volts DC. The rear light, a Spanninga Pimento-Guard, operated at 5 VDC as a tail light and 6 VDC as a brake light. The A.2 rear lights differ from the A.1's tail light. Not sure about the headlight.