Anyone wear out their chainring on their Allant?


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I had a lot of noise after putting on the second chain after about 4300 miles. my mechanic found the chain ring was worn out. I was like Huh? I got 12,000 miles out of the one on my bosch second gen bike.
but I just realized with the fat tires on the 8 and a nyon I cranked up the assist on the low end of the speed curve. so all assist levels at thew start were 300% like if I was running in turbo then it tapered off to normal. I had done that almost a year ago so never thought of it. but once I went to the 2" tubeless tires I didn't to need that much extra acceleration and dropped it way down and lowered tour assist level. but I bet having al that torque starting out wore the chain ring faster. I also changed to the 40t chain ring to have extra torque. I have a 11-32 cassette over the 11-42 so I have better gearing for the mostly flat I ride most of the time on my commute. but with the smaller chain ring I can put out more power and climb faster with less juice.