Anyone got chipabike in their ebike?


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Hello Riders,

Did anyone install any gps tracking device like" (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) " or "(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)" on your ebike?

Thanks for the info Sijin checked out the sites really interested in the integrated trackers products do you have any more info like pricing or other detail on the chipabike
ebay have tons of those topcap(handlebar) trackers(let us be fair, similar products) for prices from low 20s. Not sure about the longevity of them.
This page says only the tail lamp version is in stock now. The topcap is "out of stock" and the seat post is "coming soon". The prices are little bit high though. But hei, we are americans and we spend $40 to get a protective case to cover the iphone. Why not $150 for protecting a $1500 and above ebike? ;)

I wish the dealers install chipabike on all the ebikes they sell.
I read about this quite some time back.
I think it relays on the feedback given by other sensors and in other words, you need to have certain amount of these sensors on the road already.
In-built GPS + GSM is what is needed and it has to be powered from the bike's battery. Chipabike is not a totally viable solution but, if there is a small device (with actual GPS+GSM chip) that costs $150 that can be hidden in one of the arms of hydroformed frame then it's going to be real popular.

Stromer ST2 has this and they have actual contract with Swiss Telecom and you don't need to pay for data or tracking. I hope this will trigger mass implementation.
I have been doing a lot of research on this. We plan to move to Brooklyn early next year where this will become a even greater concern. I ordered some tracking devices to test out and I will report back when we have more data.

I agree that it will be ideal to have one in the frame or hidden in some similar way, but apparently most of these systems can't transmit through the metal. Maybe we can develop one that integrates into one of the plastic parts of the bike, like the controller cover on the Neo's or the battery mount for the Bosch. I think a break through here will have a dramatic impact on the ebike market. The Bike Spike is another but they haven't brought it to market yet. Maybe a larger company needs to get behind it.
Hi, I would just like to mention that I am currently using a RFV16 for my emotion EVO. It fits nicely in the place designated for GPS tracker in the EVO frame below the battery. GPS+GSM+GPRS. Needs clear view to get accurate position, if no GPS signal it provides coordinates for the connected base station. Can be controlled by sms, app or website. Batterytime not so good, but I am working on a solution as the evo model already have a cable from the battery made for this purpose.

Just Google RF v16 and you'll find it. It's also cheap.