Any tips for reinserting rubber battery cover?


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New Zealand
😡😡 so angry right now! In a moment of inattention I pulled off the rubber battery cover for my SC2:


Any one have tips for pushing the rubber plug back into the hole? It just bends around when applying force.

Just so annoyed with myself!
Sam, I'm having similar trouble with Specialized battery charging socket covers for 2017-2021 Vado/Como batteries. I believe it is pretty easy to reinsert this small plug into the battery hole. I help myself with a tiny flat screwdriver to force the cover plug back into the hole.
Fixed it with silicon spray and pushing it in with a ball point pen that had the nib retracted. Stoked!

Thanks for the tips guys.

Having read the nightmares others have had with battery port covers on this forum I’ve tried to be super careful with mine. At least it was a type that was repairable.

My wife’s new MUlticharger has a hard plastic battery “lid” that is super careful with too.
Put a small bit of dielectric grease on the two protruding 'pins' on the rubber cover. This will progressive get easier to insert and remove the more times it is used. On your Multicharger hard plastic cover, which is going to break soon, just get the new upgrade cover with the rare-earth magnets incorporated into the cover assembly. Had to replace my wife's Nevo3 charger port cover early-on.