And the Winner Is . . .


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Cape Coral
the Lectric Expedition!

My wife and I had an in-depth discussion about what she expected and wanted to do biking-wise in our ‘Golden Retirement Year Season’ and here’s what we agreed to.

She admitted she wasn’t real comfortable starting off ‘piloting’ an e-bike and expressed more of the ‘romantic’ side of preferring to ride behind me as a passenger when the weather breaks.

She is not against the possibility of learning to pilot over time either.

We also have 2 grandkids who I know would get a charge out of riding on the back as well!

So we decided the best option was to get a Lectric Expedition with the accessory option of the two cushioned pads and foot rests, plus the cushioned seat with the cushioned backrest!

She can ride with me and the grandkids as well.

After I get the Denago paid off around October, I will purchase the Lectric.

One thing I’ve discovered about the Denago is that even in 0 PAS when I’m pedaling on my own, it’s a much nicer and less strenuous ride than my other 7 speed acoustic bike was, so I’m going to start riding M-F and once we get the Lectric, in the hot months I can switch off from the Denago to the Lectric!