Allant+ 9.9s ratchety clicks when coasting?


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Hi all, am considering the Allant+ 9.9s and am wondering... when coasting on the bike it sure makes a loud ratchety clicking. It's very quiet when pedaling. I get it that when not pedaling, coasting bikes click away. But on the Allant is this loud coasting ratcheting clicking normal?
yes its just the pauls in the hub will make that noise when your coasting. the loudness depends on how much grease is present. some brands are worse then others, like high end chris king hubs are like angry bees. some are silent.
I just need to mention it is the freehub body that makes that noise. According to TREK specs, it is a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain. It is possible to get a MicroSpline compatible freehub body from another brand (e.g., DT Swiss) and replace the stock one. However, the easiest way to reduce the noise is removing the freehub body, packing it tight with grease and reinstalling it. (The process is fairly easy).